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Ultimate Unofficial Survival Tactics For Fortnite Battle Royale: Sharpshooter Secrets For Mastering Your Arsenal


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The Ultimate Guide to Fortnite Weapon Use Strategy Power up your arsenal with Ultimate Unofficial Survival Tactics for Fortnite Battle Royale: Sharpshooter Secrets for Mastering Your Arsenal! This full-color comprehensive guide unlocks the weapons and items offered within the game and shows you how to best use them. Inside you’ll find in-depth strategies and techniques for achieving accurate aim how to accomplish headshots and how to make the best use of explosive and projectile weapons. Whether you’re on a PC Mac Playstation 4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch Apple iPhone Apple iPad or Android-based gaming system you’ll learn how to utilize more than one hundred different types of weapons in order to achieve #1 Victory Royale. Learn the secrets to each weapon’s ammo type capabilities strengths and weaknesses in order to use it effectively in a firefight. Additionally you will develop a thorough understanding of the weapons ammo types and items available and you will learn proven strategies for putting together the perfect personal arsenal for each phase of a match–including the End Game. Master close-range mid-range and long-range combat techniques Learn how to use weapons and items to build your skills and win battles and firefights Know how when and where to find weapons and ammo Find out how utilize loot items that serve as weapons including Grenades Clingers Remote Explosive Stink Bombs etc. Learn how to strategize your survival by utilizing health and shield power-ups

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